By studying IELTS you will be preparing for the test and for your future as a student or a worker in an English environment. The test is designed to assess your ability to understand and produce written and spoken English in an educational or a working environment.

Skills Required for IELTS

Reading and understanding Written academic or training language

  •   Writing assignments in appropriate style for university study or within a training


  • Listening to comprehending spokenlanguage in both lecture format as well as

  formal and informal conversational style

  • Speaking to colleagues and lecturerson general and given topics in formal and

  informal situations

The two versions: (The Academic and The General Training versions).

The Academic  is meant for students looking entry to  university or institution of higher education offering degree and diploma courses.

The General Training  is meant for students looking entry into secondary school or training courses. General Training is also designed to assess language skills of non-native speakers of English who are looking forward  to work in an English speaking country

The test consists of basically four skills named Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

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